Pre-conference Sessions

  • Avaya ENGAGE will be offering the following pre-conference sessions on Sunday, January 20, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM. Please note that a separate fee is required for a pre-conference session ($300). You may sign up for one of the sessions when you register for the conference. Or, if you have already registered and want to add a pre-conference session, please contact

  • Session PRE-01, Equinox Bootcamp

    Avaya Equinox is now being widely deployed at some of Avaya’s largest customers, and the benefits of its intuitive, mobile-first experience are making users more productive than ever. But if you’re new to Avaya Equinox, then this bootcamp session is a great place to start. You’ll learn how to avoid problems before you start your deployment so that your users get a rapid and problem-free implementation. You’ll learn how a few simple up-front decisions will improve the user experience and ensure a positive rollout that matches expectations.

  • Session PRE-02, Workspaces for Elite

    This session will introduce the learner to Avaya Workspaces for Elite. It will highlight how the workspaces will allow the user to manage inbound customer interactions associated with Elite. It will also demonstrate how the interface will allow for seamless collaboration with customers, other users, services, and partners.

    The session will highlight the use of agent features to include agents accessing Avaya Workspaces for Elite. It will introduce the Agent User Interface and a description of the agent toolbar. Agent state changes and call control functionality will be covered along with after contact work and other general settings.

  • Session PRE-03, Avaya Aura Packet Trace Tools and Trace Implementation

    Trace tools are an essential part of the network troubleshooting process, and Avaya Aura is well equipped to help. In this session, we’ll discuss the many Avaya Aura trace tools available and how to interpret the results shown in each. Throughout the session we’ll focus on live demonstrations of how to access/invoke the trace tools, with discussions of each type of call flow and how to match trace results with likely issues. By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of Avaya Aura trace tools and how they can smooth your daily administration and troubleshooting.

  • Session PRE-04, Administrating IP Office

    Is it time for a tune-up on IP Office Administration? Release 11 added lots of great new features and management capabilities, and this course will help you take advantage of them all – whether you use IP Office Manager or Web Management. We’ll run through the full spectrum of management capabilities including Use, Group and Voicemail administration, along with important system-wide settings as well. For those with an interest in Business Continuity Planning, we’ll also discuss the IP Office Backup and Restore process and its essential role in a comprehensive, robust, and secure backup policy.

  • Session PRE-05, Proactive Outreach Manager Admin – Best Practices

    This session provides an overview of Proactive Outreach manager and the recent enhancements. Attendees will be taken through how to build outbound campaigns and strategies in an agent-less or agent-based environment. The agent-based will include a use case demonstrating desktop integration.

  • Session PRE-06, Safeguard Your CX: Testing and Monitoring Strategies for the Enterprise

    With customers at the heart of every company, organizations who align their business strategies with the evolving demands of their customer base have an advantage. Nowhere is this truer than in contact center environments, which carry the burden of providing a quality customer experience when it is most needed. Automated end-to-end testing and monitoring prevent and detect issues across your contact center applications, infrastructure and networks before your customers are impacted. Why put customer experience at risk?

    During this session, you will understand the real-world challenges QA, development, and operations teams face when trying to ensure a consistently high-quality customer experience, and the strategies you can employ to address these challenges head-on. We will take a deep dive look at best practices for avoiding and detecting customer-impacting issues and how they can help you efficiently achieve and maintain a better customer experience.