Avaya ENGAGE will be offering pre-conference sessions on Sunday, December 12. Please note that a separate fee is required for a pre-conference session ($300). You may sign up for one of the sessions when you register for the conference. Or, if you have already registered and want to add a pre-conference session, please contact

System Manager Administration: Scott Day

This session provides an overview of System Manager Administration. This will include adding, modifying, and deleting users. We will also cover creating new roles and groups for users and assigning existing roles to users. The creation and use of the user provisioning rule will also be covered. We will review the use of WebLM within System Manager. An overview of Session Manager and Communication Manager administration using System Manager will also be covered. Lastly, we will discuss System Manager services including: backup, alarms, replication and other support functions.

Utilizing and setting up remote workers: Scott Rittenhouse

This session provides knowledge on the setup and integration of the Avaya Remote Workings with the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise and the Avaya Core (System Manager, Session Manager, Communication Manager).

Vectoring in Elite: Katia Miezza

This session provides advanced knowledge on Avaya Vectoring. We will discuss advanced Vectoring sets, specific call handling conditions (Look ahead Interflow, interflow-qpos, VDN and Vector Variables, etc.) & treatments (vector routing tables, prompting). We will also explore when and why to use different Vectoring options.

Analyzing Call Flows in Avaya Aura using TraceSM / TraceSBC: Will Parker

This session would describe the many trace tools included in the Avaya Aura Suite and how to interpret the calls shown in each. It will include a description of both the traceSM and traceSBC tools. A demonstration of how each access/invoke is made in the trace tools. We will also discuss a description of what to look for in a trace. Lastly, we will provide a demonstration and discussion of each type of call flow and how to interpret its trace.

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