• Cloud

    What does cloud really mean? Which cloud solutions are the right fit for your business? Can you have both cloud and premise-based components in the same organization, and when can a hybrid approach make sense? This track will cover things you need to consider as you head down the path of evaluating a full or partial cloud solution for your organization. Businesses that previously deployed only premise-based solutions because of security, industry compliance, or management concerns are finding that modern cloud architecture can offer cost savings and can simplify management and deployment without sacrificing security or in-house control. The ability to easily deploy and scale resources to match your business cycles is staggering!

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The digital experience gives us tremendous opportunities to service our customers more efficiently and to collect the data about that engagement to make it even better the next time. Organizations need solutions smart enough to customize future interactions, notice trends and provide real-time insights, enabling your teams to make the best business decisions possible through AI and Analytics. The ability to collect data from relevant, disparate sources and to correlate that data in a unified interface for meaningful analysis in both instantaneous and historical trending scenarios can be a game-changer for your organization.

    AI and Analytics sessions focus on integrations to see the entire picture of a customer’s journey with your brand, anticipate customer interaction needs, and analyze these experiences. We will discuss a range of trends such as artificial intelligence, speech, social, and machine learning will spark ideas on how to reinvent your organization’s business models and customer experience.

  • Digital Transformation

    How does digital transformation affect the customer and the business? When someone says that they want to digitally transform their business, what does one really mean, why do they want to do it, and how should they approach this “digital transformation” process?

    Digital transformation isn’t just about knowing where you want to end up — it’s about knowing how you’ll get there and which tools you’ll need to move together as a team towards that destination.

    Most businesses today are looking to handle the different aspects of their digital transformation — and while a few have already charged ahead to light the way, many others are just starting out. No matter where you are along the path these business focused sessions will help you, your team and your company identify solutions that are powered by the customer, product, and operational insights to enhance customer value, physical facilities, products and processes.

    You have questions, we have thought-leading customers, industry experts, innovation partners, and Avaya professionals to help break through the perceived complexity, answer your burning questions, and help your business take advantage of these new technologies.

  • Team Collaboration(UC)

    Collaborating in today’s world is on the fast track where customers, coworkers, and suppliers need to interact and make business decisions in record time. Employees need tools to take an active role in creating value, delighting customers and engaging colleagues in flexible interactions that deliver business results. Integration and ease of use are the hallmarks of effective Team Collaboration solutions – solutions that keeps all communications in one place and give an “at a glance” snapshot of the user’s day. One touch should be all it takes to message, call, join or host a meeting, or see a colleague’s status.

    Team Collaboration will focus on how these attributes make employees more productive and more effective in an enterprise environment. They will help attendees understand the shifts in the market, towards digital technologies, cloud, flexible virtualization and the power of collaborative solutions. This is your opportunity to learn how connecting teammates, partners and customers can help drive faster business outcomes, increased revenue, and create new opportunities for growth.

  • Customer Experience(CC)

    In today’s constantly evolving digital environment, businesses need fast and easy access to holistic customer data to drive customer loyalty, revenue and smarter decision making. Customer Experience Solutions provide you with 360° customer journey insights that enable you to provide exceptional, personalized customer experiences every day—easily, effectively and efficiently. And by integrating your systems and processes, you can enhance your agent experience, optimize your resources, quickly respond to changing business conditions, and cultivate new business opportunities, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

    Customer Experience will focus on creating a seamless digital customer experience while maximizing your existing investments and empowering your workforce with new tools and capabilities leveraging interaction data. Content includes shared examples of how attendees can achieve consistency and increased satisfaction across all customer touch points in a digital experience. Focused specifically on customer experience in the digital era, we will explore hot topics like contact centers in the cloud, integrating new capabilities while protecting investment, popular outbound and improvements in self-service methods, and automation designs to help personalize and improve the customer experience and deliver an exceptional and efficient experience across all interactions.