Avaya Desktop Experience

for UC Service Providers

Webinar: How UCaaS Service Providers Can Position Themselves For Growth

January 17, 2019, 10:00am PST

Speaker: Alaa Saayed, Frost & Sullivan ICT Industry Director & Fellow


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Did you know that UCaaS Service Providers will have more opportunities in 2019 to benefit from the latest Open SIP devices? Alaa Saayed, Frost & Sullivan ICT Industry Director & Fellow will join Avaya’s Karen Hong to discuss the eight reasons why UCaaS Service Providers should modernize their IP devices to better position themselves for growth in 2019. According to Alaa, UCaaS providers have a lot to gain in the near term from adding the latest generation of Open SIP devices to their portfolios. He will also discuss why expanding cloud offerings beyond voice is a smart future proofing strategy. And, how Providers can leapfrog the competition by leveraging Avaya Desktop Experience to increase differentiation—in the forms of user experience and business experience—and get on the fast track to grow revenue.